• Emily Shipp

    Emily Shipp

    Endlessly curious, sponge-like absorber of interesting things. Writing about meaningful work @questionsonpurpose.

  • Alaalooe


    Writing to understand the world; making lots of mistakes; avid piano player.

  • Rohan Talati

    Rohan Talati

  • Marissa Renee

    Marissa Renee

    Adventurer, author, ex-lawyer writing about the good life. Spent many years doing what I was “supposed” to do; now i’m living my life on my own terms. Join me!

  • Not Just Chocolate NYC

    Not Just Chocolate NYC

    Luxurious Handmade Chocolates in Brooklyn, NY. Sign Up to our newsletter for 15% OFF your first order. Visit notjustchocolate.nyc

  • Jay Sterkel

    Jay Sterkel

  • Osman Soylu

    Osman Soylu

    A fresh writer on Tech, Society, Philosophy and History.

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