Pregnancy is hard. Contemplating parenthood is hard. Understanding the weight of world and choosing to bring a child into it is confusing. And it’s just the start.

Graffiti outside of a construction site saying “No justice no peace X”

We first wrote about the shop when it was preparing to open. Now, it’s a thriving local business offering eco-friendly goods to an enthusiastic community. We revisited the store and founder Katerina Bogatireva to learn how things are going and what’s coming up.

What has the Bushwick community’s response been to the store?

It’s been very warm and welcoming — it feels like a very tight knit community. Every person that walks through the door has been an inspiration to me and I constantly learn from my customers. It’s been tremendous fun getting to know them.

The annual NY Design Week exhibit challenges industry conventions by melding art, design, craft and comedy


Through an organic, interdisciplinary approach, Maya’s work comments on gender and racial inequalities that pervade Indian society. She employs tangible real-world materials to convey thoroughly researched ideas that poke holes in unquestioned, but question-worthy, notions.

Photo by Nicole Stoddard

Lyka Sethi

Tired in Los Angeles. (Previously: Berkeley, NYC and Mainz, Germany)

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