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I’d been contemplating parenthood for a while. I was never the type of person that always knew they wanted kids. As a child I only played with baby dolls because I liked changing their outfits. A classic self-centered hedonism characterized my early to mid-20s; I was occupied by career, love and squeezing the most out of whatever time was left over. But suddenly, around my 27th birthday in 2018, the idea of growing a human inside of me started to just… make sense. From then on I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I waxed philosophical with the guidance of a virtual therapist (I was living abroad at the time with no access to in-person therapy), read books about others’ experiences, weighed the moral pros and cons of choosing to become a biological mother. Suffice to say I became fascinated with the subject. I learned about the power of mothering as a radical act; the meaningful generational change it could spur. I was deeply moved by the many stories (both real and fictional) I came across, detailing beautiful and complex relationships between parents, the humans they were raising and the world around them. …


Lyka Sethi

Tired in Los Angeles. (Previously: Berkeley, NYC and Mainz, Germany)

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